Wide Interval Leaps

Wide Interval Leaps

We usually use guide fingers in shifting to help us feel where the new note is. However using guide fingers is not always practical, for instance in shifts from open strings or with wide-interval leaps such as the one shown here.

Here is a way to practice this other type of shift.

Sing or whistle the note first to check that you can hear it in your head. Then play the note with a down bow, making the bow stroke coordinate with the placing of the new note. The shifting finger should move quickly.

Practising shifts this way develops an almost instinctive finding of the note with the finger. As such, it is at the other end of the spectrum from the shifting technique using slow release of finger pressure and hovering demonstrated earlier in this chapter.

Practising this clean arrival from the air is also useful if in performance you tend to slide around on arrival and not commit to the note. Practising the clean landing from the air as shown will help.


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