About Us – Twofold Media

Twofold Media was established in 1996 by Simon Veitch and Frances Gall to produce and publish violin teaching materials in multimedia format. We first published Violin Magic, by Robert Wakely of Melbourne, presenting video-rich violin pedagogy for beginner violin on CDROM, a revolutionary development for the time. This led us to producing and publishing titles authored by Fintan Murphy – Violin Alive, based on the Technical Work syllabus of the Australian Music Examinations Board, followed by Violin Bow Technique and Violin Left Hand.

Violin Bow Technique and Violin Left Hand are now combined and extended in Violin Bow Technique+ and our latest title New Ševčík Variations, also by Fintan, makes accessible the pedagogical wonders of Otakar Ševčík’s Theme and 40 Variations, with all 40 Variations played by Dindin and Dandan Wang and teaching points by Fintan Murphy.

Twofold Media counts itself fortunate to work with such outstanding string pedagogues, and our principals, Frances Gall and Simon Veitch spare no effort in applying their decades of expertise in string teaching, playing and media systems development to bring these works to life for you, on your screens.

Frances Gall, Fintan Murphy & Simon Veitch