Think One Note Ahead

Think One Note Ahead

"Think ahead. Prepare your 4th finger before playing the 2nd. Place the 3rd before playing the 4th. The 2nd before the 3rd. The 1st before the 2nd. The 4th before the 1st, and make sure you prepare the string-cross."

Preparation is the key to solving many coordination issues. Therefore it is the central focus of many practice techniques such as practice breaks or mixed rhythms (where we have time to prepare ahead on the longer notes).

Preparing the finger is crucial. In this practice technique, make sure that before playing any one note, you prepare the note that will follow. Take as much time as needed between each note to prepare both the finger and the bow. If you cannot put the new finger down, work to visualize where it will go, and in what position above the string it needs to be.

Fintan leaves the 1st finger down on E-string as the music soon returns to this note, also leaving it down gives stability to the hand.


Scores - Think One Note Ahead - violin & viola

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