Shift to Whole-Hand Frame

Shift to Whole-Hand Frame

When you shift to a new position, shift to the whole-hand frame* in one action so that all fingers are available without the need for any further shifting action. There is no point shifting up so that the 1st finger can reach, and then having to do another small shift so that the 4th finger can reach.

In high positions this means you need to move the elbow far enough to your right to shift the whole hand into the higher position. Remember to move back to the left when descending.

Emily shifts correctly the first time and then shows an incomplete, incorrect shift the second time so that her 4th finger is nowhere near the note that she needs to play.

In the third example Emily shifts directly to the 4th finger to practise shifting to the top note of the new hand position.

*Whole-hand frame - All fingers are available to drop down onto the string....

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