Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns

The finger patterns for the harmonic minor scale can be described as follows:

Low Wide - augmented 2nd between 1st and 2nd fingers (1 1/2 steps)
Mid Wide - augmented 2nd between 2nd and 3rd fingers (1 1/2 steps)
High Wide - augmented 2nd between 3rd and 4th fingers (1 1/2 steps)
Contraction - half-step between 1st and 2nd fingers, whole-step between 2nd and 3rd fingers, half-step between 3rd and 4th fingers.

Practise these patterns using harmonic minor scale material such as Galamian's Scales in One Position.


Resources - Bibliography
- for Contemporary Violin Technique by Ivan Galamian
- and The Art of Practising the Violin by Robert Gerle
Diagram - Finger Patterns

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