Gigue-Style Bowing

Gigue-Style Bowing

There are many bowing patterns that are associated with a musical character, for example the gigue-style bowing of three quavers played 'down, down, up'.

The character of this bowing comes from the lifting of the up-bow combined with a phrasing-off of the two slurred down-bow notes.

To practise this bowing separate the variables to work on one at a time. Practise on an open string, making sure the bow hold is comfortable when supporting the bow in the air.

Notice the 'active elbow' movement of the upper-arm where the elbow drops on the up-bow and raises on the down-bow. This movement gives impetus to the lift off the string and allows for a gentle landing back on the string.

When playing the tune this upper-arm movement is modified to accommodate the vertical string-crossing movement.

Like all bowings styles with a strong character, make the gigue bowing style subservient to the musical line.


Integration - Upper-Arm Warm-Ups
Scores - Gigue-Style Bowing - violin & viola

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