Finger Patterns Demonstration

Finger Patterns Demonstration

"This is the High finger pattern. The Middle. The Low. And the Open."

Most violin and viola music falls into four basic finger patterns: Low, Middle, High and Open. Learning these four finger patterns will help you to play with fluency.

Low has a half-step between 1st and 2nd fingers
Mid (Middle) has a half-step between 2nd & 3rd fingers
High has a half-step between 3rd & 4th fingers

Open has no half-step, that is all neighbouring fingers are a whole-step apart. When playing the Open pattern reach back with the 1st finger rather than stretching up with the 4th finger.

Low, Mid and High all make the interval of a Perfect 4th between the 1st and 4th fingers. Open makes the interval of an Augmented 4th (tritone) between 1st and 4th fingers.


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Scores - Finger Patterns Demonstration - violin & viola
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