Building Scales in One Position

Building Scales in One Position

'Scales in One Position' is Galamian's name for two-octave scales across all 4 strings, starting on any note, not necessarily the tonic.

Here Justine plays in the key of A Major from 1st position up to 4th position. Start with the first four notes and play in each position on just one string.

When this is secure play this pattern across two, then three and lastly across all four strings. Justine demonstrates on one, two and four strings.

Playing the Scales in One Position sequence when the starting note is not the same as the keynote can be challenging at first. This method of building from one string to across all strings will make it easier.

Singing the exercise will help improve intonation, while practising each scale in three tempos is an excellent way to develop clear articulation at fast tempos.


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