Bb Major

Bb Major

It is good to learn scales using the same fingerings when possible. Here Andrea demonstrates the 3-8ve Bb major scale starting on the 1st finger, which is an excellent fingering to use for all 3 octave scales from Ab up to C#.

This scale is in the Galamian scale system, with added notes at the beginning and end so that both duple and triple rhythms fit well. This performance is in a triple rhythm.

Notice how Andrea's thumb stays in good contact with the neck of the violin when shifting up into the higher positions. She then uses the thumb as a pivot to help with shifting back down to 4th position.


Scales & Arpeggios - Introduction
Scores -
- 3-8ve Bb Major Scale - violin
- 3-8ve Eb Major Scale - viola
- 3-8ve Major Scales - violin & viola

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