3rds in Bb Major

3rds in Bb Major

Thirds are a challenge because of the hand position. The shortest finger (4th finger) has to stretch the furthest distance while the longest (2nd finger) needs to stretch less. As shown in topic 7, Flat or Curved Fingers, this means that 3rds usually need a more compact hand position, with upright curved fingers.

Topics 4, 5 and 6 in this chapter show practice techniques for 3rds, 6ths & 8ves.


Chords & Double Stops
- Practice Techniques 1
- Practice Techniques 2
- Practice Techniques 3
- Flat or Curved Fingers
- 3rds in Bb Major - violin
- 3rds in C Major - guide fingers - violin
- 3rds in Eb Major - viola
- 3rds in F Major - guide fingers - viola

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